Child Pages Block

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The PhotoPress plugin now has a new block called Child Pages which will create a gallery of the child pages of any post. This is very handy for photographers that wanton create an index page of their galleries.

You can make a page a child of another page in the Pages admin interface and the block will use the featured images of the pages to create the gallery.

Presentation Controls

You can also control how the child pages block gallery will look when published. There are control for the number of columns to display, padding between items, ability to apply a uniform crop to all images, sort orders and number of child pages to show.

The New Gallery Block

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PhotoPress galleries received a complete overhaul in version 1.2.4. All shortcodes have finally been replaced with fully native Gutenberg block that is easy to use and packed with features.

Screencast of the new PhotoPress Gallery Block in action.

Four Styles/Layouts

The new Gallery block allows you to choose four new display styles/layouts: Columns, Masonry, Justified, and Mosaic.

Fine tuned Gutter Control

All of the styles allow you to fine tune the width of the gutter between your images.

Goodby Fixed Image Sizes, Hello Height/Width Control!

We hate fixed images sizes (don’t get us started) which is why you won’t find them anywhere in PhotoPress. Instead you can fine tune the height/width of columns in all of the Gallery styles/layouts to create the perfect design.